Have an option for skipping the Google Maps survey area

Gerald Kaszuba 8 years ago updated by Evan Anderson 6 years ago 3
Sometimes the satellite imagery is not good enough, so there is not much point in using it.

reminds me of the problem I have when trying to install WiFi Heat on my android pad :

  • Package com.slowchop.wifiheat.paid requires unavailable shared library com.google.android.maps; failing
It seems that several devices are missing the "Google Mobile Services package", which is not automaticially installed together with google maps.

My building in not straight East/West. And I frequently work in buildings not yet on google maps. 

I need the ability to point at two points on a map, tell how far apart those points are, and have the app do the math with the scaling. 

It's almost perfect. If you make this update, I'm sure I'll purchase the app again.

I think this is what I'm looking for, I have building floor plans that I'm using and would like to use those exclusively, I don't much care about google maps, but it should be left as a feature for those that use it.  What's that called war driving?