Automatic survey mode using GPS

Gerald Kaszuba 8 years ago updated by Michael Kusch 3 years ago 8
Allow a minimum accuracy setting, e.g. 5 meters. If it is any more than that, it won't collect a sample.

How come this is not already implemented?

Almost all devices have a GPS and it would make surveys faster


Also make the minimum accuracy setting a user configurable parameter.

I really really want to see this feature implemented. It is too inaccurate to guesstimate where you currently located and infuriating to try and tap the correct position on a tablet or worse yet, a phone. PLEASE make this your top priority! The app is great but this would push it to legendary status.
yeah, what they said.    i realize GPS can bounce around when you're down at the 10ft resolution level, but you should be able to get average readings.    maybe a GPS radiobutton, when its set the existing survey map just keeps recentering to the GPS reading, and you still click Add Sample when you want.   even better would be to take continuous samples and average them out, painting a heat trail on the map as you wander around.

i want to be able to slowly walk around my location and autocollect plenty of data for the Heat display...
Seconded. Thirded even. I'd happily pay $20 for an app that did auto GPS surveying. 
This would help me IMMENSELY, even if it wasn't super super gps accurate. I use this tool to do surveys from outside of office buildings, so I'm out with direct view of sattelites anyway. Part of my job requires me to basically do simple site surveys, and a large component of that is figuring out 'is this AP I found something the client needs to worry about', wherein I walk the outside periphery of the building and do a scan to determine if the AP is actually in the building or not. This tool is *PERFECT* for that purpose, with the exception of not automatically doing the map via gps and mapping over google maps.

Add the feature, let me know, I'll slide you $20 and tell all my other network admin friends - you'll have a rush of business and almost certainly make a few hundred dollars at the very very least.
Agreed, #1 priority for me!
Vote for this too!


This was suggested 4 years ago, its an obvious feature many 3G/4G mapper apps already have, it's the most voted for, and still nothing?