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triangulation of ap

Anonymous 4 years ago 0
Triangulate the location of ap based on survey.


Anonymous 4 years ago 0
Definatly GPS support would be a big argument for the product.

Import 3D models

Gerald Kaszuba 6 years ago 0

Ability to create 3G/4G Heatmaps

Anonymous 5 years ago 0
With some data plans 3G/4G can be a backup plan for when WiFi fails or could only be expanded with a lot of costs.

Since you already got the algorithm, it should be easy to take the 3G/4G signal strength instead of WiFi signal strength. This further opens new possibilities to map a certain area for mobile internet consumers and moreover compare them for coverage and quality.

Easier Mapping Options

Daniel Sanders 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 0
Make the wifi dots larger Its hard to see them on a large image.
Add background image fade option, dark tone'ed buildings hide some of the wifi dots
Add the ability to automatically take snapshots at second intervals for building walks
Add a speed meter to tell faster walkers to slow down for the auto snapshots feature...
Tag images with SSID and Mac address automatically
Multiple SSID Overlay
Add the ability to save all images as a single email or file for sharing ease.
Tag images also with floor or level information based on whats set up in the project
Add the ability to take a picture and wifi tag the picture.
       IE Im walking down a long hallway and can add wifi dots to a photo of the hallway to share with my clients.

Yup I need to see GPS capability befor I buy, alsot need to gather data while off line, need a server then cache the data

Anonymous 2 years ago 0

, also need to gather data while off line, need a server then cache the data.


Great App

Anonymous 5 years ago 0
But why in the world do you require spy-ware permissions (Phone# and ID)? I'd love to buy and use it, but not under these conditions!