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Export measurements to csv file

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Jerry Workman 4 years ago 1
Hello. It would be good to be able to export a csv document containing the position (x,y relative to map) and the respective measured signal strength of all detected APs.


Web app to do adjustments

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Jeroen's Roonbot 4 years ago 1

Would be nice if one could upload the raw data and do fine adjustments.

Like adding a missed AP, moving AP's. Correct a faulty sample.

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Survey multiple APs with same SSID

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Kevin Golding 4 years ago 1

When conducting a survey it is annoying having to select each seperate AP. What would be useful is automatically surveying every AP within range that has the same SSID, instead of having to manually change the AP and click survey button 3 or 4 times at the same location.


Display dBm values on the heatmap

Anonymous 6 years ago 0

Rename project

Karman Ho 6 years ago 0
There's no way to rename a project in v1.0.4.

Sort on SSID

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

We have a large building with only one SSID. It would be great if I could sort the heat map on SSID so I get to see only my own AP's


Make more distinction between low signal and none

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

Have an option to specify a minimum signal strength, and display a hard(er) line or division at that point. 


Greater degree of control for matching up floorplan

Anonymous 5 years ago • updated by Adam Fairbrother 5 years ago 1

Incremented floor plan sizing makes it tough to line up an existing floorplan with the satalite data.  A pinch or slider bar may help out in this area.